Cockroach Turbo-ROM

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Cockroach Turbo-ROM is actually just Turbo-ROM but since Datel has the Turbo ROM II and most internet downloads go by adding the company name we stick to it here. Just like Speed DOS this ROM provides a nice deal of functionality and is definately worth a second look. It does not require a parallel cable to operate and comes as a C64 kernal replacement only. The tape and RS-232 routines were removed to make up the required space for:


  • fast serial I/O on load, save and verify (excluding USR and SEQ)
  • fast format
  • OLD function
  • ZAP function
  • DOS wedge
  • works with several drives
  • text mode printer screen dump
  • save-@:replace bug fixed
  • MON function runs a monitor at $8000 or $C000 (one may argue about this "feature")


Kernal_ROM_all_rr.c64.org_2021-02.rar contains: