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Speed DOS and Speed DOS plus is likely the best known speeder based on Kernal ROM replacement for the C64. Developed by "Oliver Eickemeier" and "Oliver Joppich" it was released late 1984. The hardware was produced by the german company Elektronik Service – Christoph Dichte and their website states:


Der legendäre Floppy-Beschleuniger "Speed DOS" für die damalige Commodore C64er-Reihe wird in unserem Haus gefertigt und vertrieben.

which translates to:


The legendary Floppy-Speeder "Speed DOS" for the Commodore C64 line is produced and shipped by our company.

The space required on the Kernal ROM was gained by removing tape and RS-232 routines. Speed DOS requires a parallel cable and a modified disk drive ROM next to the C64 Kernal ROM replacement to fully operate. The name Speed DOS was spread a lot due to many programs (mainly copiers) picking it up often when a parallel cable was required.

Even though many people know the name of this ROM the user base is probably near zero nowadays and most people looking into adding a speeder to their system would probably turn towards JiffyDOS. Speed DOS was rather popular in the 80s due to it being easily cloneable by just copying the ROMs, getting Kernal switching boards and adding the parallel cable to the drive. Still Speed DOS is a quite slow speeder easily outrun by about anything else but the parallel cable adds additional value when using copiers supporting it (and probably even REUs).


  • DOS Wedge (@) and protect/unprotect files
  • Basic monitor (M, G, L, S, @ and X) and modified reset routine
  • F-Keys
  • Start and end address output
  • Changed LIST handling
  • OLD function (unusual - "!" is the command)


It is very likely we will add more notes about special hacks on Speed DOS here, but the probably most important one can be found at:

 "A version of the 1541-II ROM where the modifications to older firmware have been relocated to the lower bank ($c000-$dfff),
  to improve compatibility with fastloader systems.  Made by Wolfgang Moser."


Versions: SD / SD+ / 35 & 40 tracks - hungarian patching available. Headbanger did the loader as standalone loader ?

For later:


Kernal_ROM_all_rr.c64.org_2021-02.rar WILL SOMEWHEN contain: