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Turbo ROM II and Mercury 3 were sold by Datel as Kernal ROM replacement. The version of Mercury 3 we came across only works on NTSC machines and appears to have only been adjusted on the timings. It appears no new features were added here. Funny enough for a Datel product it appears to be pretty incompatible to about any Action Replay.


  • fast serial I/O on load, save and verify
  • fast format
  • DOS wedge
  • F-Keys
  • OLD function
  • works with several drives
  • modified reset routine
  • number conversion
  • FCOPY function
  • FLOAD loads files >202 blocks


Kernal_ROM_all_rr.c64.org_2021-02.rar contains:

  • (Delta Electronics) DOS-ROM 1.2 kernal.rom
  • Turbo ROM II (PAL) kernal.rom
  • Mercury 3 (NTSC) kernal.rom
  • Turbo ROM II Manual.txt