Cartridge dumping

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Cartridge dumping is pretty easy once you have the required hardware added or changes made to your C64/C128. A modified Kernal ROM usually is sufficient. Disabling the expansion port and re-enabling it during C64 operation by using an added switch is another common method.

A very well written and illustrated article named Dumping Cartridges on the Commodore 64 by Markus Brenner is nowadays defacto main page for this topic. Check it out!

first try

If you can somehow get a "READY." screen, the easiest thing is to just save the entire memory range and send that to us for further inspection. In many cases we will be able to find fragments of code in that dump which will allow us to produce a dumper program, or provide you with other further instructions.


Dumping a Commodore 128 Cartridge ROM

JC from Basic Bites created a Youtube video on Dumping a Commodore 128 Cartridge ROM