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Replay RAM using programs

VIP 3.2

Name VIP v3.2VIP v3.2 Screenshot
Author Kulfon/Medium
Year ????
Compatibility Action Replay, Retro Replay, Nordic Power
Note Moonchild added code to save a loading pass by moving code to the Replay RAM. There is no check for the Action Replay or the additional RAM though.

Replay Fast Load and Save using programs

Zipp-Link v2.0

Name Zipp-Link v2.0/Zipp-Link v2.0+Zipp-Link v2.0+ Screenshot
Author Skyflash/Oneway
Year ????
Compatibility v2.0: Action Replay v5 and v6
v2.0+: Action Replay, Retro Replay, Nordic Power
Note The patched version works using any Replay compatible with at least 8k ram - it is assumed a proper speeder is in place then.